Work in Progress

Faye Wong -Poster, a dual poster serie collaboration with Darius Oh. 

Designed Publication for event, How do we Deal with Constant Change. 

Designed a residency session with a collective, on contemporary art

This was a demo of CAVE magazine presented 2 months ago. This was before we decided on the marbling texture.

Processes for the Cognitive Development Booklet. Binding process and also black on black process.

Artisanship|Communication is Z bine zine that I didnt have time to photograph before I sent it off. This shot was taken casually in my car. But you can see the accordion fold thing going on and my colour scheme. colours of this summer i guess. reds, browns, peach, yellows. warm.

A rare look at the process behind this magazine. Notice they look like concrete slabs like that! haha i like.

Closeup of CAVE magazine

I did a photo zine of some neighborhoods that will disappear soon.